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Article: How to Choose Your Perfect Women's Sleepwear

How to Choose Your Perfect Women's Sleepwear

How to Choose Your Perfect Women's Sleepwear

We spend 30% of our lives in bed, so it makes sense to treat this time thoughtfully. Are we as comfortable as possible and sleeping long and sound? Or are we tossing and turning because of some irritants or factors we've grown accustomed to ignoring?

If you've been accepting a comfort level of 'good enough,' we are here to tell you: Aim Higher. You deserve it! And if you need help figuring out where to start, we can help! YALA has been perfecting the art of creating the softest sleepwear on the planet since 2006. In that time, we've developed and refined hundreds of sleepwear styles based on customer feedback.

But there is such a thing as too many choices, so we narrow the options down to our very bestsellers, providing you with around 30 options at any given time. That's still a lot to choose from, so here are some questions to help you hone in on some styles personalized to your lifestyle and preferences. Let's get started!

Do you want your pajamas to provide warmth?

YES: A full-coverage pajama or nightgown would be your best bet. If you prefer a two-piece pajama, the Lola will provide the best coverage and insulation in a matching long-john style top and bottom. It is cuffed at the wrists and ankles to insulate against drafts, with a high neckline.

The Lola Pajama

Want more relaxed full coverage? The Norah Pajama Set provides long sleeves and a full-length pant in a more relaxed fit.

Are two pieces too much? The Neesha and Haley Gowns are your best bet if you prefer a one-piece nightgown. These long-sleeved, full-length options are the perfect pant-free option.

The Neesha Nightgown

Add the Elliot Robe to any of these full coverage options for an extra toasty layer, and getting out of bed becomes easier on even the coldest days!

NO: If staying warm through the night is not a problem, aim for sleepwear that exposes more skin. A cropped pajama, sleeveless nightgown, or nightshirt will do the trick. Within those categories, we've got plenty of options!

The Opal Swing Pajama Set is a relaxed fit with a cap sleeve and cropped pants. This pajama style provides moderate coverage, a perfect midpoint between head to toe, and barely-there pajamas.

The Opal Pajama Set

The Molly Sleeveless Nightgown is another mid-coverage option with a sleeveless top and a full-length gown below.

Give me that, in reverse: Try the Norah Nightshirt if you want less fabric on your legs paired with long sleeves.

Robe Pairing Suggestions: These mid-coverage pajamas and nightgowns pair nicely with the Kendra and Serenity Robes. The Serenity Robe provides a full sleeve in the same bamboo jersey fabric as our sleepwear. The Kendra Robe features a fine gauge, knit bamboo sweater fabric, kimono sleeve, and attached belt.

The Kendra Robe                         The Serenity Robe

Do you like to linger in a cute pajama?

For those who like to carry the comfort of sleepwear through breakfast and beyond, a stylish pajama set designed for lounging in with details worthy of the light of day is best. Here are a few of our favorite options to brunch and daydream in!

The Cat's Meow: The Kat Pajama Set is inspired by 1970s bohemian style and California's Laurel Canyon. Dramatic side slits flatter your hips, and a central keyhole blurs the lines between daywear and sleepwear, making it perfect for lazy liminal days.

Less Boho, More Buttoned Up: The Amber Pajama Set is the prim and proper option, perfect for crosswords and catching up with the Sunday New York Times.

The Amber Pajama

Are you flirty and feminine?

If you like to flirt over french toast, a pajama or gown that celebrates your curves and reveals more skin may entice your appetite! The Iris and Cleo Sleepwear Collections are perfect for this.

The Iris Pajama and Iris Gown incorporate delicate lace trim and thin adjustable straps that nod to lingerie while combining the comfort of a buttery-soft bamboo jersey. Pair them with the Iris Robe for a complete set that is deliciously flirtatious.

The Iris Nightgown

The Cleo Sleepwear Collection will provide more support if you are generously gifted in the chest department: wide straps and double fabric on the bust cradle you securely without hiding your prize-winning cleavage. Choose the Cleo Pajama or Cleo Gown to suit your preference, and pair it with a Nina Robe for an alluring ensemble.

Do you prefer more casual, less matchy sleepwear?

If so, our basic sleep shirts and sleep separates are your best bet. They are practical travel companions for packing light and prioritizing comfort.

The Penelope and Betsy Sleepshirts are our most casual but still divinely comfortable nightshirt options.

If sleep bottoms are a must, you can pair the Gillian Pant or Lauren Shorts with a contrasting Zia Tank, Dakota, or Jena Top for a customized set that will help you feel at home wherever you are.

The Lauren Pajama Short

Your Perfect Sleepwear is Within Reach

By now, you've probably ruled out some nightgown or pajama styles and may have even identified your perfect sleepwear set! You've defined what is comfortable regarding coverage, style, and how you intend to use your sleepwear.

With these considerations, you may have also discovered that no single style will always be ideal. You may need a few different options to carry you from your weekday routine to date night, vacation, and beyond. Start with what's most important to you, and build from there!

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