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YALA is a women owned and run company dedicated to modeling a better way to do business. Social and environmental responsibility are woven into everything we do!

Sourcing Materials

Organic bamboo is our primary fabric of choice. It requires no irrigation and naturally regenerates. What’s more, it absorbs five times more carbon and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar stand of trees.

We also use certified organic cotton and recycled spandex fibers in some of our garments to enhance durability and achieve desired textures.

Fabric Production

All aspects of production, from sourcing raw materials, spinning yarn, dyeing, to cutting & sewing are as localized as possible. This reduces our carbon footprint. The process in which we turn raw bamboo into our signature silky-soft fabric is closed-loop to reduce pollution and worker exposure.


We use AZO-free dyes on our garments. This reduces the toxins in the environment and prevents them from being next to your skin. Water used in the dyeing process is collected, cleaned, and reused.

Knitting & Sewing

Our garments are made on small sewing floors by highly skilled artisans to ensure excellent quality and working conditions. We visit our factories twice a year to be sure our standards are always being met and we value the close relationships it has allowed us to build.

Made To Last

We believe in designing garments that stand the test of time. We create artfully simple, timeless style made with excellent construction and premium fabrics.