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Article: Seven Trendy Women’s Sleepwear Styles for Ultimate Comfort

Seven Trendy Women’s Sleepwear Styles for Ultimate Comfort

Seven Trendy Women’s Sleepwear Styles for Ultimate Comfort

Pajamas get little attention when we talk about trends and trendy fashion. Is it because the desire to be on trend is driven by wanting to fit in? Or stand out? Whatever our motivation for tuning into and following (or avoiding) trends, they tend to be socially driven, leaving pajamas out of the conversation. Who cares how fashionable you are at home when no one's watching?

Fair enough, and trends are not the core deciding factor of what kind of pajamas we make. At YALA, comfort is at the center of everything we do. When your nightshirt fits just right and feels amazing, slipping into it after a long, hot day is uplifting. A new set of Pajamas in a cute print is something you'll linger in on the weekend far longer than you would a ratty T-shirt.

Comfort is Always in Style

Comfort isn't trendy. Comfort is timeless. Tending to your comfort is an act of self-care. Taking small actions towards feeling good, wherever you are, is a confidence and energy booster. And looking good is part of that! But don't pour all your efforts into the approval or admiration of others; it's temporary.

Include dressing for yourself, on your own time, in cozy sleepwear and loungewear that feels and looks fantastic to YOU. Dressing for your own pleasure at home is an act that cultivates self-love, which is not dependent on anyone.

Not sure where to start? Here are seven women's sleepwear styles to impress yourself in, complete with trendy pop culture references, just for fun:

7 Trendy Women's Sleepwear Styles

1. From Ballroom to Bedroom - The Cleo Nightshirt
If the success of Bridgerton is any indication of trends on the rise, the Regency-era inspired babydoll silhouette is back. Bring this celebration of feminine beauty into the bedroom with a Cleo Nightshirt and put yourself on a pedestal! Our version of Bridgerton style, sleepwear edition, features pockets because women in the 21st century can be fancy with snacks on hand.

2. Too girly for you? Try the Cleo Pajama Set instead. It features the same Bridgerton-esque babydoll top with a casual, modern, cropped pajama pant so soft on your legs; it's Lady Whisteldown scandalous!

3. Cross Over Comfort - The Haley Pajama
Here's a style that's had trendy moments in every decade. Every century, even! From China's Shang Dynasty (1600 to 1046 B.C.), where the crossover neckline originated, to Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses of the 1970s and even Hollywood's Red Carpet, there is a reason this flattering design element comes back around. The Haley Pajama is our sleepwear version of couture comfort, where we balance the iconic crossover neckline with side slits at the hip and ankle cuff. Our customers repeatedly buy it, indicating this trend is here to stay!

4. Cool and Casual - Penelope and Norah Nightshirts
AKA Winnie the Pooh Pajamas. A buttery-soft and breathable bamboo sleepshirt is the first step to elevating your sleep style and enriching your rest. When you can't be bothered with buttons and waistbands (or pants in general), the Penelope Nightshirt is our bestselling sleep top, and last time we checked, bestselling = Trendy. Try it in the Honeybee Print (featured below) to channel the youthful optimism of everyone's favorite Pooh Bear. 

5. Sleeping in colder climates? The Norah Sleepshirt adds long sleeves to the equation and a gently curved hemline, keeping you cozy and pant-free.

6. Buttoned Up and British Inspired - The Amber Pajama
We may have been watching too much of The Crown, but regardless, British style is trending. There is something very British about a long-sleeved, collared pajama set, complete with piped cuff details and perfectly spaced buttons up the front. The Amber Pajama Set blends those distinguished elements with a silky smooth, organically grown bamboo jersey, bringing the comfort level to Royal heights. It will improve your poise and have you drinking your tea pinky-out.

7. Too refined for you? If the trends you tune into fall somewhere between Winnie the Pooh and British Royalty, the Amber Nightshirt could help you feel right at home. Less castle, more prep school; if legs are one of your favorite assets, this sleepshirt lets them shine and keeps things classy.

The Bottom Line

Sleepshirts can be more than something to pass out in. These best-selling sleepwear suggestions paired with pop culture references, show that pajamas can be a fun and pampering adornment that soothes your skin in comfort, affirms your personality, and reflects your style and unique beauty in the mirror. Trends are fun but don't lose sleep over them. In pajama land, comfort reigns supreme. Choose what you gravitate to because Doing You is always on trend.

P.S. Not sold on these selections? We have many more sustainable sleepwear and loungewear options that are just as cozy and flattering. Explore More for a perfect fit!

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