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Article: Winter Clothing Solutions for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Winter Clothing Solutions for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Winter Clothing Solutions for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

For people with eczema and sensitive skin, deciding what to wear each morning is an important decision that can support them in skin-soothing comfort or derail their day with skin irritations.

All seasons bring unique conditions that change what we need from our clothing throughout the year. Winter is especially challenging in cold climates because we wear heavier clothing to stay warm. Heavy clothing means less breathability and overheating, which can result in flare-ups and skin irritations.

Best Fabrics for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

According to the National Eczema Association, the best way to reduce skin flare-ups is to choose natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics because they are more breathable; sweat and overheating can trigger skin rashes.

Beyond that, they toute Organic Cotton because it is less likely to be treated with allergens than conventional cotton. Conventional cotton and fabrics labeled ‘wrinkle-free’ or ‘stain-resistant’ can contain formaldehyde, chemical dyes, and other skin-irritating agents. YALA’s sweatshirt fabrics are made with an organic cotton and bamboo blend, making our Hoodies, Joggers, and Elliot Robe safe and cozy candidates for sensitive skin.

Take it one step further by looking for Oeko Tex certifications, which test and assure products do not contain chemical residues after manufacturing. YALA maintains this certification, along with many others.

Bamboo Clothing for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Bamboo is also a fantastic fabric for sensitive skin and eczema because of its skin-soothing properties. It is woven in long, fine strands, which makes it smooth to the touch. The National Eczema Association is hip to this, too, and notes its effectiveness at regulating body temperatures (which can reduce overheating) and its anti-bacterial properties. It is also more absorbent than cotton, keeping your skin dry when you heat up.

Winter Clothing for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

In the Winter, heavy synthetic jackets are the easy way to insulate us from the cold, but as we mentioned before, this solution does not work for everyone. Layering up for warmth in multiple eczema-friendly tops and bottoms can allow you to stick with soothing and sustainable skin options instead of resorting to stuffier synthetics.

The National Eczema Association offers winter-specific, eczema-friendly, and on-trend solutions in their blog post Staying Warm, Stylish, and Flare-Free This Winter. The key is layering eczema-friendly tops instead of heavy synthetic winter jackets. This allows you to easily regulate your temperature, avoid overheating, and reduce flare-ups.

We love this approach! Here are some YALA pairing recommendations for winter layering to help you achieve skin-soothing comfort.

Pair the Scarlet Hoodie with an Oversized Jean Jacket or Shacket. This combo provides insulation, a hood, and a wind barrier from the denim without being too bulky.


YALA Scarlet Hoodie + Everlane Denim Jacket 

Try the Joey Hoodie with a Canvas Jacket for a similar effect.

YALA Joey Hoodie + Patagonia Canvas Jacket

 Top the Danielle Jacket with a Waterproof Shell for warmth and protection in wetter conditions.

YALA Danielle Jacket + Patagonia Rain Jacket

Pair the Elliot Robe with a Trench Coat for a similar effect that gives you complete and cozy coverage, head to toe. This is the chicest way to wear a robe in the daylight.

YALA Elliot Robe + Everlane Trench Coat

Slip the Leslie Cardigan or Hillary Sweater Wrap under a Quilted Blanket Coat for a lighter option when the sun peeks out.

YALA Leslie Cardigan + Madewell Quilted Jacket

Layer the Jemma Hoodie with a lightweight Down Vest to provide a natural and breathable barrier between your skin and the synthetic shell of your vest or puffer. An inside pocket holds your keys or cell phone securely for outdoor adventuring!

YALA Jemma Hoodie + Lands' End Down Vest

Mix and Match: Pair your favorite YALA lightweight hoodie, jacket, wrap, or cardigan with an outer shell of your choosing! If layering is snug, size up on the outer shell. This will also help air circulation between layers. The endless color and style combinations can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

What about Wool?

Many types of wool can be scratchy and irritating to sensitive skin. Still, if you appreciate wool as a breathable, natural insulator, YALA’s Superfine Merino Wool provides incredible softness and boasts the Responsible Wool Standard Certification. This ensures that the New Zealand Merino sheep that produce our wool get treated humanely. Learn more About our Merino Wool.

Wool lovers can pair our Unisex SuperFine Merino Wool Track Jacket with a Wool Peacoat or Bomber Jacket.

YALA SuperFine Merino Wool Track Jacket + Everlane Wool Peacoat

YALA SuperFine Merino Wool is lightweight, breathable, and available for men and women in other layering pieces, like tank tops, tee shirts, long sleeves, and long johns.

Beware of Synthetics

Synthetics are the least breathable, potentially irritating fabrics to replace if your outerwear irritates a skin condition. Polyester, microfiber, nylon, and faux shearling are all synthetics. Be suspicious of any ‘tech’ fabric – these are often polyesters branded for cutting-edge appeal.

To reduce your need for synthetics, swap waterproofed jackets with an umbrella. If you must include less breathable outer shells in your layering, wear a natural fabric buffer layer closer to the skin and keep the synthetics on the outside.

Guidelines and fabric endorsements from recognized organizations are great starting points, but everyone has different sensitivities and comfort preferences. There is no substitute for experimenting to see what works best for you. It might take some trial and error, but ultimately, you are worth it!


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