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Article: How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Robe

How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Robe

How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Robe

The perfect robe for the perfect reason does exist! Whether for daily use or event-specific purposes, a robe can be the cherry on top of unwinding after a long day. It can help you transition from rest to rush hour on sleepy mornings or accessorize that spicy little number for someone special.

The quality and comfort of robes vary depending on what they are made of, which is why we produce bamboo robes exclusively. A fluffy synthetic robe may feel dreamy, but it can also trap heat, resulting in overheating and skin irritations that will not leave you feeling shower-fresh for long. Synthetic fabrics do not breathe well, especially when imitating plush, natural fibers. For example, Sherpa or Faux Shearling are often made of acrylic and polyester fibers to mimic the fur of a warm, fuzzy sheep.

Similarly, even a slinky, satiny robe made from polyester synthetic fabric can cause excessive sweating, which leaves you feeling clammy when things heat up—not the most desirable quality for a sexy night in.

Bamboo to the Rescue

Let's talk about solutions, and we have several! Bamboo robes can solve both of the above scenarios, but don't purchase a wolf in sheep's clothing by mistake; the popularity of bamboo means that many brands are mixing small quantities of it with other 'microfibers' to compete with the real thing at polypropylene prices.

According to Wikipedia, 'The most common types of microfiber are made variously of polyesters, polyamides, and combinations of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene.' We don't have to know precisely what these synthetics are to know we don't want them on our skin. Skip these sneaky imitations for the real deal; your skin will thank you.

Rest assured, YALA's bamboo robes are as gentle on the skin as the rest of our bamboo apparel and bedding. Our bamboo is USDA-certified organically grown, and the only small addition to that ingredient in our robes is a touch of spandex for form and elasticity, which accounts for 2-4% of the fabric content, depending on the robe you choose. We use AZO-free dyes and skip common anti-wrinkle and anti-stain finishes to reduce chemical exposure so our robes are easy on your skin and the planet.

Benefits of Bamboo Robes

Bamboo boasts several natural properties that benefit the wearer. In addition to being an extraordinarily prolific and eco-friendly plant, bamboo is also thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and anti-viral, breathable, and incredibly soft to the touch.

In simple terms, YALA bamboo robes will wick away moisture (think hot flashes), neutralize odors, and adjust to changes in your body temperature without trapping heat. All of this heavy lifting while looking great and feeling incredible.

A Bamboo Robe for Every Reason

Now that you understand why bamboo is an exceptional fabric for robes, you may want help choosing one that suits your needs. Here are our Bamboo Robe + Reason pairing suggestions:

Snow Bunnies Love the Elliot Bamboo Robe

A must-pack essential for ski trips and daily cold plunges. Our unique bamboo and organic cotton sweatshirt blend creates a thick, soft, and plush robe with a roomy hood and two large patch pockets to hold your après ski essentials. Its Unisex cut means everyone in the cabin can commemorate a great powder day in equal comfort with the Elliot Bamboo Robe. 

Lounging Elevated in the Kendra Bamboo Robe

Our fine gauge sweater knit bamboo fabric creates the look and feel of refined and elevated luxury in the Kendra Bamboo Robe. Surprise Zoom appointment? The Kimono sleeves read more like a sophisticated wrap than a bathrobe, making it the perfect layer to keep you cozy well into the afternoon. Pair it with our Peyton Sweater Pants and Clair Sweater Tank for a matching lounge-worthy set.

Bridesmaids Love the Nina Bamboo Robe

Gifts are essential to wedding planning, and cute, matching bamboo robes are a lovely and thoughtful gift for the bridal party! But when everyone gets ready together, things can get hectic, making the Nina Bamboo Robe our #1 choice for the big day. Its attached belt stays put between hair and makeup and won't be left behind when everyone packs up in a love-induced flurry. With nine colors to choose from, it's easy to coordinate with the wedding palette!

Embrace Your Femininity in the Iris Bamboo Robe

If you like to flirt over French toast or celebrate your femininity, the Iris Robe will entice your appetite! The Iris Bamboo Robe incorporates delicate lace trim that nods to lingerie while combining the comfort of a buttery-soft bamboo jersey. Save it for special occasions or elevate the everyday in the Iris Bamboo Robe. Pair it with the Iris Gown or Iris Pajamas for a complete set that is deliciously delicate. A wonderful gift for the bride-to-be!

Cozy Mornings in the Serenity Bamboo Robe

The Serenity Bamboo Robe is a daily wake-up companion, with long sleeves to comfort your arms on chilly mornings. Simple in style to optimize your comfort, you'll probably want to have a couple of Serenity Bamboo Robes in rotation. Eight colors provide plenty of options to choose from!

Now that you know how bamboo robes can enhance your comfort, which one will you wrap yourself up in first? Shop All YALA Bamboo Robes

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