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Article: Which is Better, Bamboo or Cotton?

Side-by-side mages of bamboo and cotton.
Beyond Bamboo

Which is Better, Bamboo or Cotton?

Do you want a more sustainable closet of natural fabrics that are responsibly grown and sourced? Or perhaps you’d like to know which material is best for bedding. If so, bravo! It takes effort to learn about the many fabric options available. 

Of course, we all want to know the most sustainable, comfortable, and durable choice before spending our money. Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton enter the conversation early because these fibers can be grown, processed, and certified to ensure a more gentle footprint than synthetic materials or conventionally grown fibers. That’s why they are immediately mentioned here: Eco-Friendly Clothing Materials to Help Detox Your Wardrobe.

YALA uses Bamboo and Cotton

Organic bamboo and organic cotton are shining candidates for sustainable clothing and bedding. They each have unique strengths that make them suitable for different uses.  

Benefits of Bamboo Fabric and Clothing

YALA is more strongly associated with bamboo fabric because it is our primary fabric. We also use organic cotton blended with bamboo in some of our loungewear, but we choose bamboo for the majority of our products for many reasons.

Ecological Benefits of Bamboo

Our bamboo is harvested, processed, and sewn where sourced for a small manufacturing footprint. 

Saves Water - Bamboo grows in a region where it requires ZERO irrigation.

No pesticides or chemicals are needed to grow bamboo.

Bamboo is rapidly regenerative.

Our hand-harvesting method prevents erosion and enriches the soil.

Closed loop processing - cleans and recycles water, reducing demand and pollution to local waterways. 

Carbon Absorption - Bamboo can absorb up to 5 times more CO2 than trees. 

User Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is Thermoregulating. It adjusts and responds to your body’s temperature to cool and warm as needed. 

Moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping you dry in sweat-producing situations. 

Bamboo is antimicrobial and antibacterial, reducing odors.

Soft and Hypoallergenic. Comfortable and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Bamboo has a high UPF that naturally protects the skin from the sun.

Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

In addition to these abundant benefits, we use 100% bamboo exclusively for bedding because it is: 

Softer and gentler against the skin than cotton. 

More durable and longer-lasting. 

Doesn’t pill.

Softens with every wash.

Bamboo is menopause, hotflash and night-sweat friendly! It helps people affected by these symptoms sleep through the night and wake up dry.

Are Bamboo Sheets Cooler than Cotton? 

Yes! Bamboo sheets run 3-5 degrees cooler than cotton sheets, making them ideal for hot sleepers, humid climates, and menopause.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Fabric and Clothing

If sustainability is your goal, choosing organic cotton over conventionally grown cotton products is crucial. Here’s why:

Ecological Benefits of Cotton

GMOs - Cotton is one of the most genetically modified crops in the world. It requires substantial amounts of toxic chemicals - insecticides and pesticides - that can harm farmers and ecosystems. Choosing Organic Cotton protects soil, farmers, and water with gentler, organic-approved alternatives. 

Water Preservation and Protection - A conventional cotton T-shirt requires nearly 2500 liters of water, while an Organic Cotton T-shirt requires up to 90% less water to produce.

User Benefits of Cotton

Cotton contributes structure, thickness, and durability when it comes to making clothing. This is why we blend it with bamboo in three fabrics: Sweatshirt, Ultra-Stretch, and Double Knit. 

Sweatshirt - Cotton helps create a plush sweatshirt fabric perfect for men’s and women’s hoodies, joggers, and the Elliot Robe to keep you comfy and warm.

Ultra-Stretch- Cotton provides more opacity and structure to this product line, making it ideal for yoga, hiking, and active days. 

Double Knit - Cotton produces a thicker fabric for our Abby pants that smooths out your silhouette in these form-fitting bottoms.

Bamboo is Best

When comparing bamboo to cotton from an ecological perspective, bamboo wins hands down. But beyond bamboo, organically grown cotton is lightyears better than conventionally grown cotton and synthetic fabrics. Ultimately, we appreciate the unique characteristics of each fiber. Together, the softness of bamboo blended with the structure of cotton allows us to create some warmer, thicker loungewear items that we couldn’t make with bamboo alone.


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