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Article: Earth Conscious Online Shopping

Young woman holding a paper wrapped package.

Earth Conscious Online Shopping

If you've ordered from YALA recently, you've probably noticed our new envelope mailer. We chose it as an ecological solution that is compact for small orders and expands for larger orders. We love the earth-friendly aspects of this mailer, and we know you will too!

What Makes Eco Mailers Sustainable?

 These new shipping mailers are:

🍃 100% recycled
🍃 Made from 90% post-consumer waste
🍃 Plastic-Free
🍃 Curbside Recyclable
🍃 Compostable and Biodegradable
🍃 Made in the USA


Calculate Our Eco Footprint*

We began using these new mailers in August 2023. Here’s a breakdown of how our shipping footprint has changed with the help of these envelopes in just a short amount of time: 

*Calculated with Eco Enclose's sustainability calculator.

It really illustrates how every little change can reduce the burden on our natural resources. In this case, the simple switch to recycled mailers in just three months' time has helped us:
♻️ Divert 120 lbs of recycled paper from landfills
🌳 Save 490 lbs of wood
💧 Preserve 351 gallons of water

We also measurably reduced our energy use and greenhouse gas footprint while reducing our impact on forests and threatened species.

In addition, we've printed our 'Thank You Card' on the back for one less mailer in your package to toss out. We've also added our YALA logo nice and big so you can do a happy dance as soon as it arrives on your doorstep!

Beyond Mailers

Upgrading to a more ecological shipping mailer may not be Noble-Prize worthy. Still, it's another piece that makes our shipping footprint less wasteful. We also:

📦 Use corn-based, biodegradable bio-bags to protect and ship products in.
📦 Recycle all incoming packing materials at the YALA Warehouse.
📦 Create and offer reusable gift bags from excess fabric for gift purchases.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Online

Even considering packaging, shopping online instead of in-store can have ecological benefits if approached thoughtfully. A Guide to Climate-Friendly Clothes Shopping from the Washington Post is an excellent deep-dive to sink into before hitting the Holiday Sales with your Gift List in hand to reduce your environmental impact.

Ain't got time for that? Here are a few of the excerpts that we found most interesting:

'Research suggests that ordering online can have a smaller carbon footprint than in-person shopping for the same reason that public transportation is often better for the environment than cars.'

For example, 'One model analyzing the behaviors of people in Dallas and San Francisco found that exclusively shopping online could lead to an 87 percent decrease in vehicle miles traveled and related emissions.'

The article also includes online shopping tips like this:

Opt for slower shipping and consolidation.

'Choosing an earlier delivery date might mean that your item is transported by airplane, which emits huge amounts of CO2. The trucks making these rapid deliveries also aren't likely to be full, and drivers could be making multiple trips to your neighborhood on the same day.'

If we think ahead and choose slower shipping methods, we'll lower emissions alongside shipping costs!

Also, 'Shahmohammadi recommends bundling orders instead of receiving separate deliveries. Ideally, he says, try to buy multiple items from the same supplier "so that it reduces your footprint per delivery."'

And let's not forget about Returns, which the article reminds us "could easily offset those benefits that we receive from online shopping."

Thoughtful consideration of our purchases to minimize returns greatly reduces the packaging and emissions of shopping online!

Every Little Bit Helps

With the Holidays drawing near, it's a good time to think about how we can offset the extra shopping, shipping, and wrapping that is a byproduct of the joyful gathering and celebrating ahead. Through simple, thoughtful shifts in the materials we use, how we shop, and who we shop with, we can all chip in to make this season a little greener.

Shop Greener with YALA

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