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Article: Q&A: Lindsey Kurowski of Motel Rescue

Motel Rescue Host Lindsey Kurowski

Q&A: Lindsey Kurowski of Motel Rescue

Get to Know Lindsey Kurowski

Lindsey Kurowski is a 35-year-old Builder, Hotelier, Set Designer, CEO, and TV Personality whose second show on Joanne Gaines Magnolia Network, Motel Rescue, just launched last month! We were delighted to partner with Lindsey on this recent project by providing YALA Bedding for some of the hotels she refreshed with modern, retro-inspired designs.

Lindsey strikes a pose at Loop Motor Lodge, Motel Rescue


This partnership is a great fit; Lindsey's women-owned company and women-led projects reflect similar values and backgrounds of YALA and its co-owners and besties, Tif and Rachel.

Lindsey Kurowski owns Knotty Pine Design

For example, Lindsey's Knotty Pine Design & Build company emphasizes green products and practices in their projects, like YALA uses natural fibers and sustainable production methods.

Lindsey Kurowski Hosts Inn the Works

In addition, Lindsey and YALA took on substantial new responsibilities on the cusp of the pandemic in 2019 – Lindsey purchased the Oak Knoll Lodge for renovation, which her first show, Inn the Works, highlighted. Around the same time, Tif and Rachel transitioned from long-time YALA Employees to Co-Owners.

Naturally, our curiosity to learn more about this wildly successful yet super down-to-earth go-getter got the best of us, so we had a chat and asked her all the things.


Q&A with Lindsey Kurowski

Q: Wrapping our heads around everything you've done with Knotty Pine, your two Inns, and the Magnolia Network, the most obvious question is - How do you do it all?

Lindsey: Honestly, my ADHD helps a lot! I have periods of hyper-focus that help me get a lot done. On top of that, I don't drink coffee, eat very low sugar, and get 8 hours of sleep a night. These habits are essential to clear decision-making and tracking all the daily challenges. Also, as a creative person, I thrive on multiple projects and genuinely love everything I do. Well, most of it. Bookkeeping, not so much.

Q: How do you unwind when you aren't on the job?

Lindsey: I don't watch TV, but I love collecting and listening to records and surfing! Being in and around water, in general, is a big one for me, any chance I get!

Q: What does comfort mean to you, or how do you define comfort?

Lindsey: Cozy outfit. In bed. Preferably with a dog. After a long day, I want to change into something comfy to cue the unwinding process. In the evening, I'll light a candle and utilize aromatherapy to create a calming vibe. It sounds obvious and kinda cheesy, but it works!

Q: Knotty Pine highlights Green Case Studies and Green Biz. What's that about?

Lindsey: I started Knotty Pine with a background in sustainable print design. I have always brought that to our clients, from small businesses to large brands like Adidas, looking for more sustainable ways of promoting their products in tradeshows. We use a lot of wood because it is biodegradable, water-based inks & we're always trying to reuse/ repurpose builds as much as we can.

Q: Where does your color inspiration for 'Inn the Works' and ‘Motel Rescue’ come from?

Lindsey: I'm a set designer and a big Wes Anderson fan, so I hope that comes across. Sometimes I watch my episodes and cringe because Joanna Gaines is so amazing. There are so many talented interior designers! But I'm a builder, so I'm more like Chip. First, I do the building, then I come in and do okay in the interiors, but I'm not classically trained. That's the secret. I'm making it up.


YALA Bamboo Twill Bedding in Pale Jade at Loop Motor Lodge, Motel Rescue

And you're sharing what you like, in a way, selling your personal style.

Yeah. I think that's what's so fun about design–there really aren't any rules. I pick one thing I love and then build the room around that.

Q: You like to use a lot of vintage stuff too. Where did that come from?

Lindsey: Since I was about five years old, my dad took me to this flea market in Cape Cod. And I grew up in a rural town where we used to go to tag sales and reuse old things to make stuff cool. So now, as an adult, I go to auctions for fun. I recently hit a major milestone selling a business, and my sister was like,' Hey, what are you going to do to celebrate?' And I was like, 'I'm gonna go on Facebook Marketplace and be reckless!' So I bought some antique French doors off eBay and a piece of stained glass because I'm weird.

Q: So are you frugal and resourceful in your restoration projects partially because that's what's interesting?

What people like about me is that I'm like everyone else. I don't have investors. I purchase my own properties, but I don't have a seven-figure budget to renovate a place. So I am boots on the ground doing as much as I can. I got a quote to fix a pool at my motel for $50,000, and I can't swing that. Learning to DIY comes from the dire need to get stuff done on a budget. And I'm a huge fan of the stopgap.

YALA Bamboo Twill Bedding in Natural at Loop Motor Lodge, Motel Rescue

And it's more sustainable, too, because you're often reusing things that already exist. That's better in the big picture.

Lindsey: Yep, totally. I agree.

Q: You are a big advocate of rescue dogs; what other causes or organizations are close to your heart?

Lindsey: That's a great question. I donate a lot to Planned Parenthood. As a kid who grew up with a dad who wasn't comfortable talking about birth control and all that stuff, I think it's really important for women, women's health, and reproductive rights.

I also work with an immigration organization that helps kids and families who have been separated. Kids coming here from Mexico or Ukraine need help getting settled. I've let people stay at my hotels, and I donate money to help them get the essentials they need. And yeah, huge rescue dog advocate.

Q: You are now the proud owner of your very own YALA Bamboo PJs and Bed Sheets. Have we converted you to the soft side?

Lindsey: CONVERTED. Is it ok to wear them till 5 pm and just be in regular clothes till 8 pm, then back to cozy town?! LOVE.

Watch Lindsey Kurowski on Motel Rescue

Want to see Lindsey’s design magic in action? Tune into Motel Rescue on Max, Magnolia Network, and Discovery+ and follow her @lindseykurowski on Instagram


I’m making a cedar couch. I’m obsessed with the couch fabric in motel rescue flagstaff. Killing myself trying to find it. Help!!!!


Hey Lindsey…love your show I hope you will be back for another season!


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