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Article: What is The Bee Girl Organization?

A Female bee keeper blows a kiss at a honeycomb full of bees

What is The Bee Girl Organization?

In this Women to Watch installation, we highlight The Bee Girl Organization, local to Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, whose service extends far beyond our region. Their mission? 'To educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside.'

Bee Girl Organization

BGO is a women-led organization of Four ‘worker bees’ supported by seven furry ‘support staff’ animals keeping them in line. This small but mighty team is buz-z-y preparing for their annual Hive to Glass fundraiser, so we veered from our normal Q&A format. Besides that, their website is SO packed with information, resources, links, photos, and the latest ‘buzz’ that it actually left us questionless and in awe of the variety and breadth of their work.

Here are a few links and highlights that especially perked our interest: 

Bee Friendly Vineyard Program

Vineyards can collaborate with BGO to learn bee-friendly vine management that reduces harm and supports habitat, which benefits the vineyard and the bees long term.

Mindset Shift Starter Kit 

Want to learn about pollinators, regenerative agriculture, and how they are intertwined? This is the spot for educational links in every format - Ted Talks, documentaries, podcasts, it’s all here!

Hive to Glass

September 23rd, 2023, in Ashland, Oregon! Join us for a fun night of music, farm-to-table food, Bee Girl’s own ‘Bee Habitat in Cynotype’ art show, and an auction including products from YALA! This fundraising event will sell out. Secure your tickets ASAP.

BGO Blog

Journal-style entries and reflections of a day in the life of Sarah, Bee Girl Organization founder, accompanied by evocative images that take you along for the journey.

Learn More 

These highlights are just a sliver of what The Bee Girl Organization is up to! We encourage you to dive deeper, learn something new, and take action by sharing, donating, or planting some echinacea, a bee’s best friend, in your own backyard.

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