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Article: Inclusive Sizing 2023 Update

Woman reclined on a couch wearing YALA hoodie and joggers

Inclusive Sizing 2023 Update

Inclusive Sizing Matters

YALA has created clothing and bedding for over two decades focusing on comfort, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Those standards still guide us, but today we are also passionate about inclusive sizing to invite more people to 'slip into softness' with YALA and leave fewer people out. 

Extended Sizes: Goals and Progress

In the Spring of 2022, we rolled out expanded sizing after quietly working on it behind the scenes. That expansion began by offering over sixteen Women's Sleepwear and Loungewear styles in sizes XS-3X (0-22) with a goal to double that in 2023.

Where we are Today

Today we have met that goal with 35 styles now available through 3X! The rest of our women's styles are currently limited to S-XL sizes, but that will gradually increase as new products get made and best-sellers get reproduced.

Our Men's line is slightly more limited, with sizes ranging from S-2X, but all Men's products are available in this range.  

Your Input Helps

Ultimately, becoming a more inclusive brand is on us. Still, we'd love to know if expanding YALA's sizes impacts you. What styles would you like to see in a broader range of sizes next? We'll consider your requests as we move forward. We appreciate your patience as we grow in this way.   

Peruse all the styles currently available in expanded sizes.


I’d like to see the extended sizes in women’s sleepwear. Thanks for your consideration.

Cindi Cavallaro

This is a good site & thanks fir expanded sizibg

Elena Mandin

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