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Article: Pricing in Perspective

Lady lounging at home in a YALA Violet Tank Top
Our Team & Values

Pricing in Perspective

'Why is this so expensive?'

'Pretty spendy'

'It's just a shirt!'

These are comments we receive periodically, and we welcome them! As consumers, it’s important to question the cost of everything we spend our money on, encourage others to do the same, and hold brands accountable for their impact on our world. 

Safety Over Savings

In order to become more conscious consumers, we need to consider the relationship a price tag has to the quality of life for everyone involved in bringing it to market, and even extend that relationship further to the planet and future generations!

There are high costs associated with creating products that are sustainable and socially responsible. Special equipment, materials, and methods are in place to protect the garment makers, natural resources, and end-users. When these are priorities, you cannot cut corners or jump from factory to factory just to save a few bucks.

People Over Profits

YALA provides living wages, healthcare, and long-term job stability to our employees and production partners, which our customers feel good supporting.

We can’t compete price-wise with colossal brands that place quantity, high profits, and low price point above quality, worker safety, and compensation, and we don’t want to. 

Fair Trade Garment Workers

Prioritize Your Values

Instead, our women-led small business relies on people who share our values and appreciate the comfort and natural benefits of our products. People who understand that paying a bit more ripples out in benefits far beyond their closets. Not everyone understands or agrees with these priorities, and that's ok.

Three Ways to Save on YALA

Even if you agree with higher price points for the greater good, who doesn’t want to save some money where they can? Here are three ways to get high quality YALA Goods at a reduced price:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter to get 20% off your first purchase! You’ll also be alerted to our seasonal and flash sales. 
  2. Shop the Sale Page! New items are always being added, and everything here is marked down up to 50% (Pro Tip -- an occasional Sale on Sale can increase that savings up to 75% — hot diggity!
  3. Refer a Friend and get $20 off when they shop with your link! 

Learn More

Want to learn more? Check out our informative blog, or ask us specific questions directly. We do our best to respond promptly and transparently. Your questions might even inspire our next PSA!

Still unsure about how the price you pay for clothing affects the people who make it? Don’t just take our word for it. Check out The Guardian’s latest article on Los Angeles Garment Workers.

Fair Trade Garment Workers 2

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