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Article: Best Clothing For Summer Travel

Woman lounging in a green YALA Sloan Dress in a tropical vacation home

Best Clothing For Summer Travel

It's no secret; it's science. Savvy travelers swear by YALA to keep them cool, dry, and comfortable during summer vacations, long travel days, and humid weather. YALA's Bamboo Jersey fabrics are naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, temperature-regulating, anti-microbial, UPF 30+, and incredibly soft, making them the perfect hot weather attire for all of your summer fun.


Best Fabric for Hot Weather

But what does all of that Mean? We'll get to that, but the first thing to understand is that these benefits are unique to eco-friendly bamboo fabric.

Bamboo vs Cotton vs Synthetics

For example, cotton clothing runs three degrees warmer right off the bat without the added natural bamboo clothing benefits. Synthetics are not breathable fabrics, which can cause skin flair-ups in hot temperatures and excessive sweat and body odor.

With those examples of how bamboo outperforms cotton and synthetic fabrics for comfortable travel, let's revisit the natural benefits unique to bamboo as hot weather clothing. 


Moisture-Wicking Fabrics for Humidity 


YALA Bamboo Jersey fabrics wick away moisture, which is why people love the Gwen Bike Short for anti-chaffing in the thighs, YALA Sleepwear for hot flashes, and YALA Loungewear for sweltering humidity. They keep you dry when the odds get stacked against you.

Gwen Bike Short Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
'Sooooo comfy. I've tried many types of shorts to wear under skirts and dresses. These are the most comfy by far. They are great for summer, too. They seem to breathe, unlike other types of undergarments made of polyester. They are invisible under clothes, and the waistband doesn't roll. Well worth the price!' ~ Jamie


Cooling Bamboo Fabric for Packed Flights


Breathable + Temperature regulating - YALA cools you down on a packed flight and keeps you far fresher than that guy you got stuck beside, who really needs to know about our Men's Collection!

Nathan Tee Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My husband's favorite tees! Soft, comfy, roomy. Sustainable and long-lasting. Fights stink. We love them! ~Jamie, Verified customer review


How to Travel Light


Let nature do its thing. Bamboo's naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties increase your ability to wear more and wash less. Try airing YALA Tops outside overnight to refresh them for a new day's adventure, and skip the backup outfits.

Cassidy Top Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

'Great Travel Top! I love this fabric for travel. Takes almost no room in the suitcase and never wrinkles. Hangs just right.' ~ Linda Q


UPF Sun Protective Fabric


Once you've reached your destination, hit the beach confidently, knowing that YALA fabrics are tested and proven to provide up to UPF 50 sun protection naturally, without stuffy synthetics. Our darker colors block over 98% of the sun's ultraviolet rays! Even our lighter colors provide UPF 30, blocking 96% of all UV rays.


Sandy Top Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
'My Favorite Top! I love the Sandy Relaxed Fit Scoop Neck Top. It is so cool and comfortable in the heat of north Florida, and the sun protection provided by bamboo is a real plus! I've purchased several, and they have become my favorite tops this summer. The Sandy style is very flattering.' ~ Rebecca


Comfort for Long-Haul Trips


YALA packs incredible softness in easy styles that move with you and don't pinch or pull, providing comfort and ease during long road trips, TSA checks, and bag stowage acrobatics.

Kayla Pants Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
'Best travel pants. Immediately after purchasing these, I wore them for essentially a 24-hour international travel day. So comfortable for sleeping on planes, and they looked so neat the whole time. Then doubled as the perfect yoga pants while overseas! I definitely want at least one more pair.' ~ Sharon


Travel in Style


Casually Stylish and Versatile - OK, we snuck that one in, but no one wants to arrive at their destination in frumpy sweatpants, no matter how comfy they are! YALA pairs comfort with style, so you can flutter from baggage claim to reunion photos like the social butterfly and savvy traveler you are.

Jaden Pants Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
'I just wore these on vacation & they look great! They are soft & comfortable as well.' ~Jennifer


Wearing Bamboo is Good for the Environment


Integrating YALA bamboo clothing into your sustainable fashion summer travel wardrobe isn't just good for you; it's also great for the environment! The bamboo we source regenerates rapidly, naturally, and organically. It is hand-harvested, protecting the integrity of the soil, and requires ZERO irrigation to grow. For comparison, 'According to the World Wildlife Fund, it takes approximately 713.3 gallons (2,700 liters) of water to produce the cotton needed to make just one t-shirt.' Source: How Cotton Harms the Environment

Of course, not all bamboo is harvested sustainably, and not all bamboo fabric is produced sustainably. When shopping for eco-friendly clothing beware of greenwashing, and look beyond natural fibers. What sets us apart? Our Third-Party Certifications ensure bamboo fabric sustainability.


Travel Hack: How to Pack a Suitcase


Now that you know what kind of versatile travel clothing you want to wear, the challenge is narrowing it down to a handful of travel fashion essentials and packing it right. Have you heard about the 5 4 3 2 1 Packing Method? It's a basic formula for a week-long trip that suggests this breakdown:

5 pairs of socks + undies
4 Tops
3 bottoms
2 Shoes
1 Hat

Feel free to adjust that to your liking! For variety, we would swap one top and bottom for a cute Summer Dress or Jumper! Here's a link to this and other suitcase-packing tips from the New York Times.

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