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Article: Our Closed Loop Process Saves Water and Energy

large green bamboo stalks

Our Closed Loop Process Saves Water and Energy

A ton of ingenuity goes into transforming bamboo stalks into the sumptuous bamboo viscose fabric we know and love in a way that is safe and sustainable. 

From birch to bamboo, all pulp-based fibers come from cellulose.Cellulose is the woody material found in most plants that gives it structure and support. Cellulose must be altered at the molecular level before it is spun into thread.

While the finished fabric is free of byproducts and Oeko Tex 100 Certified, the process requires industrial solvents. This is where a closed loop system comes in. 

What is a Closed Loop System?

Closing the loop means recovering the water and solvents used in the viscose process and using it again and again. Closed loop systems reduce demand on local water resources and minimize pollution.  

Sustainably produced clothing is making big headlines these days, but YALA has been committed to this technology from the very beginning.

We are proud to report that our manufacturing partners reuse 98% of their water.  
Moreover, the process is mechanized to reduce worker exposure.

Vote With Your Dollars

Sustainable closed-loop viscose from bamboo is more expensive for a reason. It requires more dedication and skill. When you choose to purchase responsibly-manufactured clothing such as YALA’s, you vote for a cleaner environment and worker safety. 

Not only that, but we happen to think our sustainable bamboo clothing, bedding, and sleepwear are some of the most comfortable, attractive garments you will find at any price. Once you try them for yourself, we know you will agree!

So kudos to you, dear customer. We couldn’t close the loop without you!

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Thank you for your steadfast commitments. Our family has appreciated your exceptional quality and consistency since way back when. I believe we placed our first order in 2006 (maybe 2007). Keep up the fabulous work! -Fred Hornaday, Bambu Batu

Fred Hornaday

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