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Article: Reducing Fabric Waste

YALA bamboo sheet set in a beautiful earth friendly, reusable package.

Reducing Fabric Waste

So much love, hard work, and skill go into creating YALA's sustainable bamboo fabric at every stage of production and distribution. 

The Value of Bamboo Fabric

Each stitch of bamboo fabric represents the land, rainwater, and sunshine required to grow bamboo. 

It also reflects the efforts of the foresters who sustainably harvest the bamboo stalks; the ingenuity of those who process the stalks into fiber in a closed-loop system; the care of those who dye it with AZO-free dyes; and, of course, the garment workers who craft the fabric into our clothing and bedding.

Even the shippers who carry YALA products across continents and oceans, and deliver them safely to your doorstep, deserve our respect and gratitude.

To honor the natural resources and people who work in harmony to create YALA Bamboo Clothing and Bedding, we do our best to utilize every possible scrap of the fabric we make!

YALA's Fabric Waste-Reduction Strategies 

Here are some strategies we've developed at YALA to reduce our fabric waste as a company:

  • We make reusable gift bags out of leftover, discontinued fabrics.
  • We make reusable bedding bags out of sheet scraps.
  • We make reusable sleep mask pouches out of sleep mask fabric scraps.
  • We hold local warehouse sales to sell returns, samples, discontinued, and excess products to our community at crazy-reduced prices.
  • We donate the remains of warehouse sales to small local charities and larger organizations like Dress for Success and Planet Aid
  • We NEVER throw away returns, which is a common practice in fast fashion because the value of the clothing is less than the cost to repack and resell it.

Facts on Fabric Waste

Americans throw away 14 million tons of clothing each year.

  • In 2018, Americans sent 17 million tons of textile waste to landfills.
  • Textiles can take up to 200 years to decompose, and they release greenhouse gases while they do.

Stats pulled from Roadrunner, where you can learn more about this issue and how to make a difference.

Reducing Our Footprint, One Step at a Time

Sometimes it takes extra effort to do the right thing. But in the long run, we know keeping unused fabric out of landfills is worth it. We are dedicated to changing business for good.


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