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YALA Rewards Program FAQ's

Creating an Account

I already have a YALA Account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?

All customers with an active YALA Account are automatically enrolled in our Rewards Program. Any purchases made after 10/9/23 have earned points! To view or redeem points, log into your Rewards Account here.

If you do not have an active YALA account, you can sign up for Rewards here.


Earning & Redeeming Points

Every $1.00 spent = 1 point earned on all purchases. Shipping, duties, and tax charges do not accrue points.

Is there a maximum amount of points I can redeem towards a single order?

Points are redeemable in 100-point increments, with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 500 points redeemable per order.

How it Works. Earn Points with each purchase and redeem them as cash on future purchases. Every $1 spent equals 1 point. 100 points equals $20 off. Rewards are redeemable in 100-point increments and can be combined for greater savings. 100 points equals $20 ($75 order minimum). 200 points equals $40 ($150 order minimum). 300 points equals $60 ($225 order minimum). 400 points equals $80 ($300 order minimum). 500 points equals $100 ($375 order minimum). *All rewards and discounts are calculated in U.S. dollars. Points expires after 1 year.

Sales and Discounts

Can points be combined with sales or discount codes?

YALA Rewards Points cannot be redeemed with other sales or discounts. You can, however, use points on Final Sale items in YALA Outlet, and alongside gift cards.

I tried to use my points while there was already a discount on the site and I lost my points! Can you refund my points?!

If you have tried to use your points discount while another discount is happening at, and it seems like you lost your points, do not fret! You did not lose your points. When you redeem points, a code is created for your reward. If you were unable to use the reward (code) because of a sale or discount already happening, the code for your reward will still exist in your YALA Loyalty Rewards account. You can log in and find it there. You can use the code any time, as long as there is no other discount happening.



Do points expire?

Points expire one year from the date they are earned, and cannot be redeemed after their expiration date. Rewards members will receive an email 30 days before points are due to expire to remind them to redeem their points.



What happens to my points on items I return?

Points Earned on items that are then returned, will be deducted from your rewards account.

Points Redeemed on items that are returned will not be returned to your account. Redeemed points are non-returnable.



YALA reserves the right to discontinue the YALA Rewards Program at any point. In the case that the Rewards Program is terminated, Reward Members will have 30 days to redeem any points.

YALA reserves the right to remove anyone from the Rewards Program and revoke their points for misuse or fraudulent abuse of the Rewards Program.