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Article: YALA Embraces the Four-Day Work Week

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Our Team & Values

YALA Embraces the Four-Day Work Week

Three cheers for the four-day work week! 

Softness is our love language, and we genuinely enjoy showing up in our various roles at YALA to bring you the dreamiest sleep and the comfiest days possible. From product design to customer care and shipping, our team works diligently to make your life a little softer.

Work Hard, Rest Well

We also believe in work-life balance, the power of self-care, and prioritizing time with friends and family. We know that what we bring to YALA is more inspiring, generous, and joyful when we fill our cups with relaxation, fun, and free time.

This is why we practice a four-day work week at YALA. We want to bring the best version of our well-rested, enthusiastic selves to our work. And the data is in; a four-day workweek does that and more!

Benefits of a Four-Day Work Week

😊 Personal benefits

  • Increases overall happiness and mental well being
  • Reduces stress by 15%
  • May reduce depression, anxiety, and the chances of stroke and heart disease.  

🌳 Ecological benefits

  • Reduce gas, water, paper, and electricity usage in the office
  • Reduce carbon emissions associated with commuting
  • Countries with lower work hours have smaller global footprints

👔 Business benefits

  • Increases work satisfaction and engagement 
  • Increases work productivity by up to 40% 
  • Reduces sick days and absentee days
  • Promotes gender equality - allows working moms to advance in employment and reduce childcare.

Learn More About the Four Day Work Week

What to Expect from Us

Some companies practice a compacted four-day work week, meaning that employees work four longer days to equal a five-hour work week, but that’s not how we roll. Instead, our team works fewer hours overall to reap the optimal benefits. 

This shorter work week does mean the occasional delay in responding to our valued customers. We hate to leave you hanging, so here’s what you can expect from us:

📞 Phone calls/emails

We do not monitor or return phone calls or emails over the weekend or during the holidays. We want our employees to count on this downtime without interruption.

Our work week is Monday through Thursday (with some exceptions), so messages left Friday through Sunday are returned in the order they were received the following business day.

🚚💨 Shipping

We ship everything as quickly as possible! Most domestic standard shipping orders arrive within 3–5 business days after they leave our warehouse.

Orders placed before 9:00 am PST Monday - Thursday will usually ship by the next business day. Orders placed Friday - Sunday and holidays typically ship within two business days.

Holiday Exceptions

Some of our staff revert to a five-day work week in November and December to manage the busier holiday season. But don’t worry. We encourage them to cash in on some PTO as soon as it slows. During this period, Friday phone calls and emails are more likely to be answered. Friday shipping resumes during this time too.

Adjusting to a shorter work week has taken some getting used to, but ultimately we love it. We are, after all, in the business of bringing more ease and comfort into people's lives. It makes sense to include ourselves so that we can better serve you.

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