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Article: Women to Watch: Hayley Mete of Ecopiggy

Toddler with a natural rubber pacifier

Women to Watch: Hayley Mete of Ecopiggy

'This little piggy wears organic' was the tagline that inspired the brand Ecopiggy when Hayley Mete was working on a line of organic baby clothes about 15 years ago. Today, Ecopiggy curates and distributes natural products for babies and shares resources to make mealtimes more manageable.

If you are growing a healthy family or know someone who is, peek behind the curtain of Ecopiggy and get to know this dedicated Mama-Boss in Q&A form.

How did Ecopiggy come to be?  

In 2007 many of my friends were having children, and there were not many affordable options for organic children's clothing. I wanted to create a simple line that was more accessible, with the tagline "This little piggy wears organic," hence the brand name Ecopiggy.
One day while sourcing materials, I came across a natural rubber pacifier similar to what my mama had used with me in England. I decided to offer it alongside my children's clothing line. Shortly after that, I met a buyer for Whole Foods Markets at the Greenfest in San Francisco who was looking for a natural rubber pacifier! The Ecopacifier quickly spread across North America, and Whole Foods wanted other eco children's products. So I let go of my clothing line and became a distributor of other brands in addition to Ecopiggy.

What guides your selection of products? 

From source/materials to product/brand, it is important to know the intentions within each aspect of the process. There are companies within the green market that are only in it for the green money, and their products are not a fit for Ecopiggy. 
We understand that the choices we make at Ecopiggy have a broader impact. For example, micro and macro plastics are wreaking havoc within our bodies and all other life on Earth. Because of that, we also try our hardest to avoid plastics in our products, packaging, and shipping.  

You also share your love of cooking with the Ecopiggy community. Tell us more about that! 

I found myself wearing every hat imaginable when my children were distance learning. Mom, teacher, janitor, nurse, cafeteria lady, gym instructor, etc. I knew other mamas were feeling the same way, so I started "Mama Roll Call" for moms to share what was working (and not working) in their worlds. 
I quickly learned that mealtime was a recurring theme, and mamas wanted inspiration. Hence, Meal Maven Mama was launched to share the makings of our family kitchen. Meal planning is a game-changer for me, and cooking is my therapy. I love sharing our process.

How does living in Oregon support Ecopiggy and your parenting journey? 

Ahhhh, Ashland, Oregon. We are privileged to have access to an abundance of natural foods, local farmers, art, and nature in every form. At Ecopiggy, we focus on cultivating relationships and understanding the source, which is equally important in our daily life. Living here, my children can meet the farmers who grew their food and the potter who made the mugs they drink from. I believe that the more deeply we connect with our world, the more deeply we connect with ourselves, and vice versa. It strengthens the community.

If you could have one magical superpower, what would it be?

Oh my goodness, such a fun question. It would have to be a "love kiss." I'd blow a kiss and heal the hearts of those feeling lonely, sad, or angry. Their hearts would be warmed and lightened, and their eyes would see the beauty of the world. But most importantly, they would see the beauty within themselves, and their mind would know that they have the power to create good.

How do you bounce back from difficult days?

Difficult days often feel heavy, and I find that I have to MOVE it out. Clean house, weed the garden, crank the music, and dance like a wild woman…which usually leads to laughing with my kiddos.  

What else would you like people to know about Ecopiggy?

Many local people think Ecopiggy is just a cute little mama-owned website, but our brand is actually distributed internationally!

Wherever you are, shop Ecopiggy at
Meet Ecopiggy moms from around the world @ecopiggy
For Meal Prep inspiration @mealmavenmama.




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