Give a Sheet: How to Select High Quality Bedding

Good sleep is essential to our well-being, and where we lay our heads factors heavily into the quality of our sleep. Everything from noise to light and mattress selection factors in, but let's not forget what we are most intimate with during Dreamtime; our sheets.

So how do you determine what makes a quality set of sheets? YALA has been in the bedding biz since 2008, and we've learned a lot. Here's what we believe contributes to a sumptuously soft and superior set of sheets and, ultimately, a better night's sleep.

Fiber Content

If a natural fiber is being touted, read the fine print to assure it is 100%. There are a lot of Polyester-Bamboo blend sheets flooding the market because of bamboos increasing popularity and people's awareness of how soft it is. Don't fall for this sneaky tactic if you're looking for genuinely sustainable fabric. 

Weight and Thickness

We have compared the weight of our sheets to other bamboo sheets on the market, and overall, YALA Sheets are a higher quality than comparable brands within the same size categories. Our sheets are made with more finely spun threads of yarn in a more dense weave of fabric, which will withstand washing better and last longer. This also results in a much softer and smoother fabric against your skin. 

Price and Lifecycle

The adage 'you get what you pay for' rings true. We spend 30% of our lives in bed! It is not a place to prioritize cost over comfort. Consider the lifecycle of inexpensive sheets. How often do you replace them, and how does that come out in the wash, cost-wise? YALA sheets are renowned for providing an entire decade of use with proper handling. 

Care and Handling

Now consider how your sheets feel after several wash cycles. Are they as dreamy soft as their virgin voyage? Do they fit as well? One of the magical qualities of YALA's Bamboo Twill and Luxe Sateen Sheets is that they get softer with every wash, which is impressive, considering how soft they are out of the package! Also, they are easy peasy to care for. 

To care for your YALA sheets, simply wash in cold with gentle detergent and tumble dry low. Avoid bleach. The silky-soft properties of bamboo increase with every wash, so wash often for ultimate comfort! 

Read up more on bamboo fabric care

Thread Count v Feel

High thread count is a standard quality indicator, but it doesn't necessarily translate across different fabrics, so be wary of choosing sheets based on this marker alone. 

100% bamboo sheets compared side by side to 100% cotton sheets will always feel softer for equal thread counts. For example, 250 thread count YALA Bamboo Twill Sheets feel like 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton!

A bamboo T-shirt will always be softer than a cotton T-shirt, and the same goes for sheets of similar thread counts. The unique qualities of bamboo fiber and the smooth thread it produces surpass the limitations of thread counts.  

Give a Sheet? Now What?

Sheets are the most intimate factor of a good night's sleep, but they don't work alone. Luckily, we can apply these guidelines to all Bedding. YALA also makes Bamboo Comforter Covers, Pillowcases, and cozy Throw Blankets to outfit your bed layer by layer for the best rest possible.

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