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Article: Back to Basics

Women lounging in an egg chair in cozy YALA basics.

Back to Basics

Clothes Can Simplify Our Lives

It’s true. Clothes can simplify our lives. Each day, one of the first decisions we make accompanies us from dawn to dusk and either helps or hinders us. What can we do to make this choice easier? Let’s start with the basics.

Back to Basics

Basics are foundational apparel items that you turn to again and again. T-shirts, pants, undergarments. Many would add a little black dress and a button-up shirt to that list. Some would add a versatile blazer and a classic pair of pumps or hoodie as essentials to the list. 

Everyone defines basics differently according to their lifestyle, but one thing is universal; basics offer simplicity.

Benefits of Bamboo Clothing Basics

There are so many ways that basics simplify our lives! Here are a few.

Comfort. Above all else, basics provide comfort to the wearer. YALA bamboo basics don’t pinch or pull after a long workday. They are breathable and temperature regulating, keeping us cool and dry when things heat up. They fit easily and stretch with us after an indulgent lunch!

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Time-Saving. Back to early-morning decision-making. Basics save us time getting dressed, because anything we wear on repeat becomes reliable. Basics don’t require fancy shapewear, pressing, or planning to pull off. They are easy to mix and match, even when laundry day is long overdue.

Seasonal Layering Staples. Basics also help us transition through the seasons and layer well. In the same way, they are easy to dress up or down with shoes and accessories, as our inner fashionistas see fit.

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Confidence. Nothing derails our calm in the morning like trying on multiple outfits unsuccessfully. But when getting dressed is easy, and the outcome feels and looks great throughout the day, we are more confident, and it shows.

Where Others Skimp, We Splurge

Many brands skimp on providing a variety of basics to focus on short trend cycles and overlook the evergreen basics people need year after year.

We take the opposite approach! YALA focuses primarily on basics with a stellar variety of styles, fits, and details so that everyone can find favorites that accommodate their unique body, coverage, and style preferences. 

These numbers ebb and flow, but here’s the YALA Basics Breakdown you can choose from today:

27 Tops

22 Bottoms 

8  Dresses

8  Men

Combine that with adding new colors and stripes year after year, and you’ve got a lot of options!

Join the Party

We often hear ‘I have one in every color!’ which tells us that YALA basics are doing the heavy lifting in many closets out there. For flattering styles that always fit and never fuss, you can count on YALA.




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