Bamboo Sweatshirt Fabric Care Tips

B-b-baby it’s cold outside! Luckily, YALA’s plush and toasty sweatshirt fabric is made for this.

Bamboo and Cotton Sweatshirt Blend is the Best 

Our organic bamboo and cotton sweatshirt blend is designed for cool mornings and relaxing weekends. It shows up in hoodies, joggers, sweatshirt tops, and even a hooded robe! Fuzzy and plush inside and durably knit outside to insulate against the cold.

As cozy and versatile as these items are, we want them to last as long as possible, and we bet you do too.

How to Care for YALA Sweatshirt Products

Because we say NO to synthetic polyester fabrics and chemical dyes and finishes, your sweatshirt items require slightly gentler care to look and feel their best, but it isn’t rocket science.

  1. Spot treat greasy stains as soon as possible.
  2. Turn garments inside-out before washing and drying. Do not wash with rough or heavy items like jeans or towels. 
  3. Wash with a gentle detergent like Tru Earth
  4. Wash in cold. Reshape and line dry. We like to briefly fluff them up in a dryer on gentle/low once they are almost dry.*
  5. If shrinkage happens, don’t lose hope! Try stretching the fabric out the next time it is wet before line drying.

*Sweatshirt fabrics will shrink if washed or dried too hot or too long because of their cotton content.


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