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Article: YALA Gives Back on Giving Tuesday 2023

A black and white dog laying on a bed
Giving Back

YALA Gives Back on Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday is Here! 

The opportunity to participate in Giving Tuesday is ongoing year-round, but the main event falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The feasting, sales, and shopping rush are fun and exhilarating but can also be a bit tiring. But once we've rested, what a great way to refill our cup by giving back!


Over the last couple of years, we’ve adopted a few furry companions among our team with the help of FOTAS, Friends of the Animal Shelter. These pets make our lives more cuddly and we are all about the snuggle, even if we do have to wash our bedding more often. We are excited to give back to this local organization that cares for animals and helps them find their forever homes. 

Millie, Border Collie-Heeler Cross 

Today YALA is donating 10% of our sales to FOTAS - Friends of the Animal Shelter! Save 30% off sitewide, while contributing to this fundraising event with your purchases! 

All Shopped Out? More Ways to Help

Like most animal rescue organizations, FOTAS needs help in numerous ways year-round. Here are several ways to support them this season: 

🐾 Adopt a Pet

FOTAS can pair you with a cat or dog that will work with your lifestyle. Murphy and Rico (below) are just two sweet pets that are currently adoptable through FOTAS.


🐾 Foster a Pet

If you're not ready to commit to long-term pet ownership, fostering is a much-needed and helpful service that FOTAS relies on. Consider providing temporary comfort for pets transitioning to better futures.  

🐾 Donate directly to FOTAS

- Pledge a recurring, monthly donation or make a one-time donation.
- Mark a special occasion or birthday with a donation. 
- Honor a family member or beloved pet with a Memorial Donation in their memory.

🐾 Volunteer

Visit the FOTAS Website to view more adoptable pets or make a donation today!

Shop YALA today to get 30% off sitewide, and we’ll donate 10% of your purchase to FOTAS.

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