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Article: Turning Waste into Resources

Turning Waste into Resources
Giving Back

Turning Waste into Resources

Why add to the landfill when we can contribute to doing good? One source of unnecessary waste within the apparel industry is clothing. Returns and unsold, discontinued garments too often get thrown away to make room for new products.

As a sustainable brand, YALA does not subscribe to this practice. Instead, we use several channels to redistribute our excess inventory, benefiting our small local community and larger charities for a positive global impact.

Planet Aid

One of our partners in this effort is Planet Aid, which accepts used clothing donations nationwide and resells them locally and internationally. Planet Aid uses the money earned from the sale of used clothing to help fund sustainable development projects for the world's disadvantaged populations. Some of these projects include Teacher Training, Vocational Training, Early Education, Youth Education, and Farmer's Clubs.

'Planet Aid's mission is to inform, mobilize, and inspire individuals and communities to work together to bring about worldwide environmental and social progress. Planet Aid recognizes that the Earth's resources are finite and that good stewardship is essential for the well-being of current and future generations. Our used textile recycling program and the projects we support aim to protect the environment, reduce waste, and increase the efficient use of vital resources.' ~Planet Aid Website

We love supporting organizations like Planet Aid that facilitate redistribution on a large scale, but anyone can transform waste into resources and give their unwanteds a new life with minimal effort.

Simple Ways to Reduce Clothing and Household Waste

Repair it - Consider how to extend the life of your clothing and furnishings. Can a cute patch cover that tiny stain? Before considering something trash, check in with a local seamstress, electrician, or cabinet maker about alterations, lamp rewiring, or drawer repair.

Consign it - Resale clothing and furniture shops abound! Consign or donate items in good condition to generate cash towards a replacement or support a local cause.

Curb it - Before tossing a worn but functional piece of furniture or other household items, try putting them on the curb with a 'Free' sign. You might be surprised how quickly your trash becomes someone else's treasure or rehab project!

Freecycle it - If your HOA doesn't allow that, list your items for free on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Freecycle, or Nextdoor. Gifting things replaces another person's lack with abundance, which generates good feelings and good karma all around!

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Loved your whole line before I read this article. Now I love it even more !!!!

Karen A Hammon

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