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Article: The Process of a Print

Happy Lady wearing YALA's Seaside Toile printed bamboo sleep separates.

The Process of a Print

For such a small company, we're fortunate to have a very creative and talented team. 

How a Print Becomes a Garment

Prints require a lot of time and pass through many hands to come to fruition, but they are always worth it. Our whimsical new Seaside print is a delightful example. 

It Begins with Inspiration

During lockdown last winter, Co-owner Tif was missing travel, and she wasn't the only one. So Breilyn sketched a scene inspired by a favorite trip to Italy's Cinque Terre on an iPad. We couldn't travel to a far-off coast, but we could dream about it, draw it, and wear it!

Bamboo Pajama Shorts

Rachel and Breilyn then collaborated on converting the sketch into a digital repeating print, and this iteration went to our production team across the sea. A month later we received our first samples to finalize scale and colors before putting it into production.

The Stunning Results in Seaside Toile

Fast forward a few months and presto, this Mediterranean-inspired design is now featured in a variety of our 2021 go-to summer basics, from the Lauren Bamboo Pajama Shorts to the Riley Racerback Bamboo Shift Dress.

Small companies like ours thrive when employees are encouraged to lean into their inherent talents and work collaboratively. It's our pleasure to share these bright and cheerful summer offerings with you, hand-drawn by one of our own!


Beautiful print. Thanks for sharing the process.


Such a great story on how this beautiful toile print was made. I just love the summer feels I get when I see it.


So cool.


I love this new look! Thanks for sharing how it came into being.


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