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Article: Women to Watch: Kelsey Carlson Settle of Green Roost

Kelsey Carlson Settle posing in front of her shop, Green Roost.

Women to Watch: Kelsey Carlson Settle of Green Roost

Q&A with Kelsey Carlson Settle of Green Roost

Women to Watch is a Q&A series where we highlight women we work with, appreciate and admire. Our second feature is with Kelsey Carlson Settle of Green Roost, whose passion for helping people ‘gift with a purpose’ is a full-time job.  

How did Green Roost come to be?

Green Roost was started by my aunt in 2009 as Green Nest in Culpeper, Virginia. In the beginning, it solely focused on earth-friendly gifts. Once I became the owner in 2011, the mission expanded into finding brands that were also socially responsible and had missions to give back. The all-encompassing value of “gifts with a purpose” became our vision and is still our goal today.

What sets Green Roost apart from other gift shops?

I believe in finding goods with a purpose. We love to tell the stories of the items we sell, so we are careful to make sure the brands we work with represent our same values.

Green Roost Store Interior

How do you select a great gift?

I think the more you know about the recipient of the gift, the better off you’ll be. 

How long have you been carrying YALA?

We have been selling YALA since day 1! Back then it was called Dreamsacks, and we only sold scarves and Sophie Wraps.

Now, we carry a full range of YALA clothing and bedding. Two standout customer favorites have always been the Rita and Mia Dresses because they look good on just about any body type. I've been stocking those dresses for years and once a customer buys one, they're always coming back for a second or third.

The BambooDreams Twill Sheets are a hit amongst our customers and staff. I always joke that once you go bamboo, you never go back. 

If you could have one magical superpower, what would it be?

The ability to eat all the cheese I want and not gain weight. 😉

What is your true superpower? 

Does multitasking count? I think I’m pretty good at balancing my business and home life.

What gets you excited to go to work in the morning?

The people! I love coming to work each day and getting to “visit” with my customers. After 12 years of business, I’ve become very close to many of them.

I also love the buying and merchandising side of the business. It keeps my creative energies flowing!

Retail can be a beast. How do you bounce back from difficult workdays?

Luckily, I come home to a very busy two year old, so he usually serves as the best distraction.

What is a cause that is close to your heart?

Locally, our Free Clinic, Domestic Violence Shelter and Humane Society. There are so many good causes…it’s hard to pick just one.

Learn More about Green Roost

I’m a pretty open book and our website and social media is the best way to find out what’s going on at the Roost. You can find us at:

On Instragram @greenroost

On Facebook at /GreenRoost


Great store. Love Kelsey and love to shop there.


Proud grandma. Kelsey has her heart, head and values in the right place. Green Roast is a fun adventure to visit.
Yes I have a few Yala shirts.

Sandra Carlson

Thanks for sharing valuable information !

Prakash Singh

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