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Article: How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Leggings

How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Leggings

How to Choose Your Best Bamboo Leggings

YALA produces bamboo leggings in three unique fabric weaves and ten styles, so whatever your preferences for stretch, rise, and coverage, we have something that will work for you. Each design is intended for a specific use to provide optimal comfort and functionality. 
For example, our Ultra Strech Leggings have the extra stretch and coverage you want for the gym. On the other hand, our footless Bliss Leggings are feather-light and soft enough to forget you even have them on!  


Why Bamboo Leggings? 

YALA's bamboo is an organically grown, rapidly renewable fiber that is exquisitely soft, naturally moisture-wicking, and breathable. Whether you need an 'easy like Sunday morning' legging that feels like a second skin or a Busy Monday legging durable enough for all-the-things, bamboo leggings are comfortable and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Our bamboo fabrics are produced in closed-loop systems, which makes them easy on the planet, too!

Even with all these benefits, we know that transitioning to bamboo leggings can be an adjustment in price point if you are used to buying synthetic leggings. Sustainably grown and responsibly produced natural fiber clothing costs more to make at every step in the process, which is why you'll want to purchase thoughtfully and know your options ahead of time. Before committing to a legging that isn't right for you, take a minute to acquaint yourself with the variety of bamboo leggings we have available! 


Tights vs Leggings

We use the tern leggings for each fabric variety we produce, however, our Bliss and ButterSoft Leggings could also be categorized as tights.

What is the difference between tights and leggings? There is no consensus on the tight vs leggings debate, but here are some defining factors that most people agree with: 

Leggings are opaque, full-coverage stretch pants that can be worn à la carte in public for recreation or leisure. They are form-fitting but also designed to be soft and comfortable. YALA's Ultra Stretch Leggings fall firmly into this definition.

Tights are semi-sheer and can be either footed or footless. They are designed to be worn under other bottoms, dresses, or long tunic tops and can come with performance benefits. For example, running tights are performance tights worn under shorts to aid in muscle compression and recovery. All of our ButterSoft and Bliss Leggings could be considered tights by this definition. 


Are Bamboo Leggings See Through? 

Not YALA Ultra Stretch! On busy days that have you up and down and all around, YALA's Ultra Stretch Leggings cover you in a bamboo and cotton blend jersey fabric. This high-rise, opaque, and full-coverage option allows you to downward dog in total confidence without mooning anyone unintentionally. And because we know you'll appreciate that in all seasons, we've got four Ultra Stretch styles to choose from! 
Fit Suggestion: For active use and a secure fit, please size down one size in the Breilyn, Sydney, and London Leggings. The Taylor Leggings fit true to size. 


 (L to R) Sydney Taylor Breilyn Ashlyn and London Ultra Stretch Leggings

What are the Softest Bamboo Leggings?

YALA's ButterSoft Leggings provide buttery-soft comfort paired with the smoothing support of shapewear that feels silky smooth against the skin. These leggings pair a high-rise, bamboo, and spandex for easy stretch and excellent rebound. While not wholly see-through, ButterSoft Leggings are more sheer than Ultra Stretch Leggings, so you'll want to layer your ButterSoft styles with longer tunic tops, dresses, or other bottoms when you're not lounging at home. 


Greta Buttersoft Cropped Legging  +  Grace ButterSoft Full Length Legging 

Shapewear Solution: Try the Gwen ButterSoft Slip Short in three nude shades for a discreet, smooth underlayer paired with the Josie ButterSoft Smoothing Tank Top

 Gwen ButterSoft Slip Short + Josie ButterSoft Smoothing Tank Top 

What are the Lightest Bamboo Leggings? 

Are you looking for an 'easy like Sunday morning' vibe and a barely-there experience? Bliss Leggings are the lightest leggings we produce in cropped and full-length styles. A low-rise waist and less spandex give them a more relaxed feel, making them great for layering under dresses in the warm months to wick away moisture and prevent chaffing.
For Casual Lounging: Women also love our Bliss Leggings for lounging at home and even sleeping in! Just beware, they are a bit sheer and best worn as an underlayer in public. 


Bliss Cropped Legging   +   Bliss Full Length Legging

A Side-by-Side Recap

Ultra Stretch Leggings Opaque, high-rise, bamboo, and cotton blend activewear leggings in 4 styles. Size down for a more secure fit in Sydney, Breilyn, and London styles. 

ButterSoft Leggings Semi-sheer, high-rise, silky-smooth footless bamboo leggings and slip shorts available in three nude shades and solids. Pair them with layers that cover the bum in public.

Bliss Leggings Semi-sheer, low-rise, lightweight bamboo leggings available in cropped and full lengths. Less spandex = a relaxed fit for lazy days and barely there underlayers. 

Now that you've discovered soft and sustainable YALA bamboo leggings in three unique fabrics and ten styles, what will you try first? Choosing the most suitable legging for your fit preferences and lifestyle will enhance their function and comfort, ensuring your satisfaction for a long time.  

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