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Article: Earth Day 2023: A Waste Reducing Equation

Earth Day 2023: A Waste Reducing Equation
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Earth Day 2023: A Waste Reducing Equation

Four days a week, nine YALA employees clock in to develop, promote, sell, and ship bamboo bedding, sleepwear, and loungewear coast-to-coast in a 6500 sq ft warehouse. YALA garments alone exist in about 120 styles, in size variations from XS to 3X, and at least a dozen color variations at any given time.

An Earth Day Equation

These towering stacks of inventory, row after row, look impressive. But the real magic lies in this seemingly impossible mathematical equation:

9 Employees + 120 products x heck-a-variations = 1 bag of trash / week

Reducing Warehouse Waste 

How is that even possible? We prioritize recycling and reducing trash with community-minded structures in place: 

🌎 Recycle all plastic and cardboard that products arrive in.

🌎 Bulk local drinking water delivery = no single-use water bottles

🌎 Staff espresso station = minimizes drive-through throw-away drink cups

🌎 Shared kitchen space = Encourages employee-packed lunches and reusable dishes, reducing take-out trash

🌎 Recycling bins by every desk = minimal paper waste

🌎 Discontinued styles and returns are sold locally or donated = No product waste

Beyond the Warehouse

🌎 Flexible work-at-home options and a four-day workweek reduce commutes and emissions for employees

🌎 All new products are now protected and shipped in corn-based, biodegradable bio-bags! This transition began in June 2022 and is 90% complete.  

The Ripple Effect

YALA customers gradually replace less sustainable apparel and bedding with products bearing the YALA tag, all made with organically grown bamboo and cotton fibers that require less water than conventionally produced fabrics. In addition, they are free of chemical finishes and AZO dyes, making them gentler on the skin and the planet. And, of course, they are ridiculously, exquisitely, out of this world soft!

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I love the many Yala items I’ve bought through the years (most from Travel Essentials) and that are a foundation of my wardrobe. Knowing how thoughtfully you care for the environment in your practices makes me love them all the more! And I’m so happy to support as well a business in my favorite town of Ashland. ❤️


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