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Article: Bamboo Leggings 101

Bamboo Leggings 101

Bamboo Leggings 101

Why Bamboo Leggings?

YALA produces bamboo leggings in two fabrics and seven styles because let’s face it; bamboo leggings make life more comfortable. This rapidly renewable fiber is exquisitely soft, naturally moisture-wicking, and refreshingly breathable. Whether you need an ‘easy like Sunday morning’ companion that feels like a second skin or a Manic Monday bottom, durable enough for all the things, look no further.

Are Bamboo Leggings See Through? Not YALA Ultra Stretch!

On those busy days that have you up and down and all around, YALA’s Ultra Stretch Leggings cover you in an opaque bamboo and cotton blend jersey fabric. This high-rise, high-coverage option allows you to Downward Dog in total confidence without mooning anyone in yoga class unintentionally. And because we know you’ll appreciate that beyond the mat, we’ve got four Ultra Stretch styles to choose from! 

What are the Softest Bamboo Leggings?

If that ‘easy like Sunday morning’ silky smooth comfort is your #1 priority, you’ll achieve buttery-soft bliss in YALA’s ButterSoft leggings. This legging is pure bamboo, with a bit of spandex for easy stretch and excellent rebound. While not see-through, it is lighter than the Ultra Stretch, so you probably want to layer your ButterSoft styles with longer tunic tops when you’re not lounging at home. 

Pro Tip: Replace stiff shapewear with smooth and breathable ButterSoft Gwen Bike Shorts! They are discreetly moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, and prevent chaffing on hot days. Hallelujah! 

The Search is Over

Now that you’ve struck the jackpot in discovering soft and sustainable YALA bamboo leggings, which one will you try first? Whatever you land on, they will make your life more comfortable. It’s what we do! 

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